Our Used Oil Collection Services
We provide a free oil storage and free oil collection service for used cooking oil (UCO) for our clients who represent the food industries from takeaways, shopping centres, food chain restaurants, Hotels, Bistros, Clubs and fine dining.
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Used Cooking Oil Storage Equipment Service
Our range of used oil storage equipment options include Stainless Steel Trolleys, Vacuum Tanks and Mervac Systems as well as standard drums.  We supply customize equipment to suit your specific requirements.
Free Used Cooking Oil Collection Service
Our Free used oil collection services are done on scheduled runs to suit the individual needs of our clients and we are known for our reliability and consistent service.  We provide a professional, freindly, reliable used cooking oil collection and used oil storage equipment service based in Queensland.
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Our Environmental Commitment to You

We are passionate about the responsibility and commitment we have to the environment.

That is why you can have peace of mind in knowing that your used cooking oil is being processed by reputable processors for recycling into bio fuels and animal feed products in stead of landfills, waterways, creeks and eco systems.


Efficient, Reliable & Safe

Our used oil pickup and collection service is free.  We are fully trained and experienced in the collection of used cooking oil products.  We deliver a hands on approach and conduct a safe and relaible business.


Convenient used cooking oil collection services

Free regular used cooking oil collection or a once off pickup.  Our convenient service allows you to maintain a clean, safe environment around your business. So you can concentrate on servicing your customers and patrons.


Free used cooking oil collection tools

We can provide free used cooking oil collection devices such as eco safe drums and other tools to help you dispose of those old cooking oils safely and without hassle.

Service Areas We Cover

Hervey Bay, Maryborough north to Mackay, West to Clermont, South to Roma, East to Dalby, Kingaroy back into Maryborough.